Assessment tools to help educators and businesses
Our Assessment Development service helps organisations develop assessment and capability tools to meet the requirements of a unit of competency or pedagogy framework. We work with you to tailor assessments to the needs of your organisation and your learners.     

Why partner with us?    
Assessment development that meets compliance / regulatory standards requires niche skills. Our team includes subject matter experts with a sound knowledge of learning principles and assessment frameworks. They work with assessment developers and instructional designers who understand the various learner sensors and styles.   

We can co-develop with you or build an entirely new and fresh solution that will reflect the look and feel of your organisation, including language, branding and consideration of existing systems and resources.  

Collaborating with us reduces your staff’s workload. When we develop the assessment, they have more time to teach or work in their core role. Partnering with us can be more cost effective than developing assessments in-house.  
Our Assessment Development delivers:   

» Thorough and realistic assessments that are guided by your learners’ characteristics and your industry.   

» Reduced student attrition rates and retention costs through well-designed and effectively implemented assessments that are robust and well-scaffolded.  

» Improved efficiencies whilst maintaining organisational identity and culture, minimising the cost of development and maximising learner experience.  

» Assessments with a consistent tone that reflect the voice of your organisation.  

» Assessments that can be delivered online, paper-based or in a blended approach. 
Our collaborative approach ensures that our assessments and benchmarks are shaped and
driven by you
How we work with you   
Our collaborative approach ensures that our assessments and benchmarks are shaped and driven by you. We ensure your assessment is sustainable and high-quality through: 

» Linking competency standards to quality indicators and other frameworks
   such as the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) 

» Streamlining evidence collection 

» Supporting students with learning difficulties or additional needs 

» Developing best practice processes 

» Developing a self-sustaining continuous improvement model for
   Assessment Development 

» Ensuring tools and approach will ensure Principles of Assessment and Rules
   of Evidence can be met

Our learning tools are applied with a focus on sustainability, reporting, compliance and quality frameworks, guidelines and regulations. 
We provide this service for

» Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 
» TAFEs 
» Enterprise RTOs 
» School RTOs 
» Private / commercial RTOs 
» Community VET providers 
» Group training organisations 
» Industry associations 
» Professional associations 
» Employment support services providers 

How we work
We make the time to understand your business and your needs.

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