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What is Assessment Peer Review?
Assessment Peer Review (APR) is a quality assurance process for assessment.   

Training organisations use the VETASSESS Assessment Peer Review service as part of their continuous improvement process, to enhance learning outcomes and the overall experience for their learners. A VETASSESS Assessment Peer Review provides a  structured process for our experts to work alongside your assessors to support them with feedback on their tools and practice.

We work with you to understand your framework, your cohort of learners and what you require, and we provide solutions during the process. 
We provide this service for: 
» TAFEs 
» Enterprise RTOs  
» School RTOs 
» Private / Commercial RTOs 
» Community VET providers 
» Group training organisations 
» Industry associations 
» Professional associations 
» Employment support services providers  

Assessment Peer Review is NOT an audit. It’s a process of independent  and impartial evaluation where we work collegially with your assessors and organisation. 

The value of Assessment Peer Review 
The benefits of Assessment Peer Review with VETASSESS include: 
We work as colleagues with your team to compare existing practices and develop strategies to embed best practice
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What can be peer reviewed?

The context of every Assessment Peer Review is different, and we tailor our service to your 

A review may cover: 
» Standards used 
» Strategy and current practices  
» Assessment tasks  
» Assessment tools 
» Mapping documents 
» Marking guide  
» Unit outlines  
» Feedback given to students
» Degree of tools and practices meeting the Principles
  of Assessment and Rules of Evidence
Our reviewers use a peer approach to reviewing tasks and practices. 

They have expertise in assessment development and instructional design, and they also bring to the task in-depth knowledge of various frameworks and learner characteristics.


How much does APR cost?
Our pricing is based on the solution you require.  
We discuss your needs and give you a quote based on the complexity of the task. 

How we work
We have a collaborative process that:
What is involved in the APR process
We make the time to understand your business and your needs.

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